Customized equipment solution -
diverse expertise

Porin Teollisuusputki manufactures different kinds of industrial equipment for demanding circumstances. Some examples are scrubbers, drift eliminators, coating baskets, laboratory equipment and heat recovery units.

PTP provides help with questions redarding dimensioning, material choices and design. The equipment is built according to the regulations and standards of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agercy (Tukes). Durability and cost efficiency are the basis of a satisfactory product


Fluidhouse Oy, Oil separator PVC Glass

Fluidhouse Ltd.
Oil separator
PVC Glass

Sachtleben Pigments Oy, Exhauster frame PEHD/LM, 2011

Sachtleben Pigments Ltd.
Exhauster frame PEHD/LM

NCE Oy, Täytepatjan kannake PP, 2010

NCE Ltd.
Täytepatjan kannake PP