Industrial Piping

Porin Teollisuusputki helps their clients at all stages of their projects, from design and component choices to official inspections and commissioning.

PTP offers clients technical expertise and helps them succeed in their contracts. High quality and work safety are a top priority at every working stage.

Flexible implementation of projects

PTP´s goal is to prefabricate the pipeworks as far as possible in their production facilities in Pori, which assures that quality remains high and risk factors decrease. The prefabrication also allows for installation times to decrease at the work site, which makes it easier for clients to coordinate the work stages of different contractors.

From cooperation to partnership

Surprising situations often arise in large projects. During commissioning an extra vessel might be needed, more valves might be required in the piping in order for the process to work or a basin might require a working platform. Due to flexibility and a good network of subcontractors PTP is able to hekp in different problem situations quickly and reliably. Working together with PTP leads to a long and profitable partnership.