PTP's polyethene coating is already in successful use in trucks and trailer trucks. The company can handle the installations of the coatings or they can be delivered to the client according to measurements.

The polyethene coating is suitable for welding and does not break from the seams. The coating sheets can be installed by either bolting them on or sheets with an adherent side can be glued on the platform. The benefits of the technique include the efficient non-stick surface of the coating, superior resistance to abrasion when compared to steel, good impact strenght even in extremely cold weather, high tensile strenght and a wide operating temperature range (-70 °C – +70 °C).


Valtasiirto Ltd., 2010

Valtasiirto Ltd.

Autoilija Jukka Saarinen, 2011

Autoilija Jukka Saarinen

Speed Ltd., 2010

Speed Ltd.