Building piping with

PTP´s thermoplastic and reinforced plastic production includes the building of different kinds of piping systems. Porin Teollisuusputki produces pipes for many chemicals both from traditional thermoplastics and from heat and chemical resistant fluoroplastics, as well as from composites of these both.

For example, municipal water supply pipes or wastewater piper PTP can produce up to a size of d=900 mm (material PEHD), and composite pipes up to diameters of several meters.

Special pipes

PTP´s special expertise also covers the production of hygienic piping for the medical industry, such as the WNF welded ultra clean PVDF pipes. For extreme wear use, such as rock transportation, the company manufactures polyurethane elastomer/reinforced plastic piping. PTP´s equipment includes a mobile engine-generator, which makes it possible to build and repair structures even in difficult terrain.


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