High quality
– ecologically

The aim of PTP is to provide high quality products that meet the needs of our clients and encure wear for a long time. This aim is also what primarily determines the goals of the company's environmental program.

Long-lasting products, high quality materials and environment-friendly processes are an important part of PTP's operational model. The plastic materials used by the company offer a long-lasting and thus also an ecological solution for the products our clients order.

Product development

PTP develops products with a long lifecycle and monitors their environmental effects during production. The use of unecological raw materials and hazardous chemicals has been reduced. PTP follows the current laws and guidelines concerning environmental protection. Minimization of energy consumption and waste generation is aimed for. The environmental perspective concerning the procurement of materials and equipment is also always considered carefully.

Quality control

Porin Teollisuusputki has a large selection of procedure tests for different welding procedures and materials, from titanium to duplex steel and from X 10 to 16CrMo pipes. Quality is quaranteed by the company's quality assurance manual which was revised in 2012.

Qualified expertise

Porin Teollisuusputki has the regulated permits for the installation of liquid gas and natural gas pipework. These include the manufacturing, installation and adjustment work of pipes and pressure equipment in PED's modules A, A1 and G. Our welders have qualifications according to standard EN 287-1.


Welding guidelines (WPS) have been derived from the welding procedurentests for the most common carbon steels and austenitic materials with procedures 141,111, 135/136.


Documentation and repair work plans are made according to the Pressure Equipment Directive.