Shipbuilding industry

When working with the shipbuilding industry there are certain issues that have to be taken into account. The materials are unconventional, the pipes have thick walls and the pressure levels are high. Therefore special expertise is also required from the workers.

PTP has personnel specialized in installations who are qualified to handle and weld the challenging materials used in the shipbuilding industry. PTP's technicians have worked on many projects both in Finland and abroad. When the client so desires, components may also be manufactured in PTP's premises.

Special expertise in high pressure testing

PTP has specialized in the shipbuilding industry's testing efforts, which require long holding times and precise monitoring. Work safety is very important to take into account, as the pressure applies a great force onto the object. PTP's technicians have extensive experience of high pressure tests.

Shipbuilding industry services

  • Qualified welders
  • Possibility to make components in PTP's premises
  • Installation technicians specialized in pressure tests
  • Equipment for the shipbuilding industry
  • Welding machines suitable for the shipbuilding industry
  • Work supervision services